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  • DirtyPhoneBook is the world's 1st and the ONLY social network where:

    1. You find and follow your friends by their phone numbers.
    2. People's profiles are built by the entire Internet community - NO FAKE profiles here.
    3. You can access a wealth of information, for FREE, that most online services charge a hefty price for.
    4. You are free to post anonymous comments about anything and everything under anyone's phone number.
    5. You can create your own personal phone book so you can keep track of what people are saying about you, your friends, and your enemies.
    6. Stay Fresh - be the first one to get the juiciest gossip through DirtyPhoneBook Alerts as it happens.


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    Here are some creative ways that people have used our site:

    • Did an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend do you dirty? Share it with the world.
    • Does the neighbor's dog keeps shitting on your lawn? Share it with the world.
    • Does your co-worker's breath smell like a garbage can? Share it with the world.
    • Is your husband or wife having sex with their boss? Share it with the world.
    • Have a crime to report? Share it with the world.
    • Have a good or bad experience at a restaurant? Share it with the world.
    • Did an auto mechanic rip you off? Share it with the world.


    or you can:


    • Before buying anything on eBay or Craigslist, check the seller's phone number - avoid being a victim of schemes.
    • Get the inside scoop before a blind date.
    • Ask the Internet community a question about anyone and anything.
    • Check if a person will pay you back before lending them money.
    • 75% of Americans have some sort of STD, don't be the next victim.
    • Which one of your friends is gay?


    On DirtyPhoneBook, you always have a voice.


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